Břetislav Kašpar

As long as I remember, I have had the deep passion for fly-fishing and fly tying, it is more than 25 years to the day since the first “Fly” came out of my vise and I landed my first Trout on it. After all these years I relishing it more and more. I would like to fly-fish in any possible water on planet Earth. Hard one, the Earth is a watery place. My long-term goal, however, is to take care of my home waters. Support wild populations of  “Salmo trutta fario” and “Thymallus thymallus”. Building a non-profit fish hatchery, producing fry and juveniles. Numbers are decreasing in many places, and I would like to see it back, where it was in my childhood, at least. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

One Euro of the full-price sale of any item goes to

“Morpha Fario” Foundation

We would like to do our part. To conserve, protect and restore populations of native Trouts and Graylings. Our plan includes building a non-profit fish hatchery, producing fry and juveniles of local native populations of Brown Trout and Grayling, protection and restoration of native fish populations and the habitat on which they depend.

The serenity of nature, soothing babble of a flowing river and a wind whispering through the trees. Crystal-clear streams, yellow aspen leaves, the cloud of tiny mayflies over the current, spot wild deer on the meadow near the forest edge, catch a glimpse of the shy Otter, see rising Trout and Eagle circled in a blue sky. And know there is more, that we can’t see, can’t hear, can’t know.
But be aware that we must take the utmost care and kindness in all these generous gifts. We were born and die soon.

Link to foundation account:

Transparent Bank Account