In 1987 UK fly fisher and fly tier Gordon Fraser released the book, Mastering the Nymph. Frazer was frequently fishing the reservoirs Eyebrook and Rutland – and in his book he shared his approach to stillwater fishing.His main focus was on fishing techniques, but along the way he shared some fly patterns of his own design. One of these was the first Booby nymph. It was a small buzzer (midge larva) pattern..

One of the places where the Booby Fly really excels is when you are fishing deep structure – or near the bottom of rivers and lakes. The combination of a sinking line and a floating fly is the most efficient way to fish close to the bottom without hanging up.

This method has been popularized by British reservoir fly fishermen, especially in the winter, where large trout seek the warmer water close to the bottom near dam walls.

(…from Michael Jensen’s book “Tying and fishing The Booby Fly”, a book exclusively on Boobies)

Here is my Youtube video with step by step Tying this Booby Nymph:
⏩Youtube Video: Tying “Booby Nymph”⏪


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