Named after New York Punk rock band..  The Stimulators

“I invented that,” Jim Slattery says, “That was my tie”. Jim who moved to West Yellowstone, is not usually accredited with being the original designer of the Stimulator fly fishing pattern. This honor normally goes to Randall Kaufmann, shop owner and American West Coast angler. Jim tells friends and customers that he originally tied this stonefly pattern when he lived in New Jersey back in 1980, to fish the Musconetcong River. It was based on the Sofa Pillow and originally called the Fluttering Stonefly but later changed to the Stimulator after a New York City punk-rock group. He tells clients that the fly was nearly named after his own punk rock band called Violator. As an attractor fly the Stimulator name is superb. It does what it says on the tin. It stimulates the trout’s interest into taking the fly. Jim’s original fly was a bit different to the Stimulator tied today. The shape, contrasting colors, materials used, length of thorax and abdomen were roughly the same. What was different was that the hair for the wing was not stacked. It was still great at catching fish, so much so that it came to the attention of Randell Kaufmann in California. He modified it, kept the same name and did a lot to expose this style of tying.

Here is my Youtube video with step by step Tying Stimulator:
⏩Youtube Video: Tying Stimulator⏪

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